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When a car gets really old, stops running, or stops being roadworthy, you may want to dump it out. If itís still in working condition, you may consider selling it to a friend or family member, putting Ads in newspapers, or posting it online. This process can take several days, if not weeks, to get the vehicle sold. For a non-running vehicle, it can get even more challenging. With many adversaries, you may somehow manage to sell your unwanted car. But you can hardly expect them to pay a decent value for it. But playing alongside the fair side, we introduced A1 Spare Parts back in 2010. Simplifying the car selling process and paying deserving cash for cars in Sydney, weíve served for over a decade in this field.

In early 2010, the trend of selling cars to wreckers wasnít as conventional as itís now. People used to consider second-hand car dealers to trade off their old yet running vehicles. Non-running and non-roadworthy vehicles were often dumped at junkyards to let them become a landfill. It was not just polluting places with metallic scraps but was also taking away all the good chances of making easy money. But when A1 Spare Parts started providing its services, it no longer remains a problem. With our free car valuation before making the sale, top cash for cars during the sale, and free car removal service after the sale, weíve helped plenty of people to sell their unwanted cars in a lucrative yet hassle-free way.

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Best car wreckers in Sydney: Sell Your Unwanted Car

Making things easier for customers and ensuring customer satisfaction is our main objective. And we leave no stones unturned in that endeavor. To ensure convenience to the customers, we reach their place right away whenever they contact us to sell their unwanted cars. If customers are eager to know the value of their vehicles before making the sale, we also let them know their worth without charging a penny. Since we genuinely evaluate the worth of the vehicles, the value we propose is always more than other similar companies do.

When users agree to sell their used cars to us, we reach their place at a time users are comfortable with. We work round the clock so that the car owners donít have to take a leave from work or a long off from their busy schedules to get the job done.

We also have a policy of paying a noteworthy amount of cash for cars while buying them. So if you choose A1 Spare Parts, you can still make the most out of your old, damaged, and useless vehicles. Paying a good amount of cash for scrap cars is what we are renowned for. But what makes our service even more compelling is that we make full payment on the spot. So those who have a useless car at their disposal and willing to make easy money, you can remember us.

Moreover, when we come to buy your vehicle, we come with our tow trucks and diligent staff. So once the deal gets final, we can start removing the vehicle off. This way, we ensure the swift removal of the car from your property. As we are rendering free car removal service in Sydney, you donít have to spend a dime on the job.

Why Choose A1 Spare Parts?

Our service is packed with lucrative features and car sellers can find themselves benefitted in a number of ways. But the following are some of the most important attributes of services, which makes our service compelling.

  • Registered car dealers in Sydney providing reliable services for over a decade
  • Top cash for cars irrespective of the age, brand, model, and condition of the vehicle
  • Taking note of the situation of the vehicle, the payment amount can go all the way up to $9999
  • We accept even the ages-old, damaged, crashed, wrecked, accidental, unwanted, abandoned, junk, and scrap cars in our junkyard
  • Instant cash payment for the vehicle right on the spot
  • Free car valuation facility for those who want to know their vehicleís worth beforehand
  • Free and swift car removal services after purchasing the vehicle
  • Car wrecking and dismantling services to encourage reducing natural resources and reusing the resources we already have
  • Safe disposal and eco-friendly recycling of useless car parts and accessories

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So if you have used cars for sale, you don’t have to look any further. Contact us to get it sold and earn a big sum of money in the process. So dial us up today on 04 8885 2626. If you are more in tech and find sending emails attractive, you can do that as well. Including your name, address, and details of the vehicle, you can send us a quick email at

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Unlike other car dealers in Sydney, we are not picky when it comes to buying your vehicle. We buy all kinds of vehicles irrespective of its age, brand, make, model, or condition. We will wholeheartedly accept your vehicles in our scrapyard even if you have unwanted, damaged, broken, junk, and scrap cars lying there in your place for ages. Also, you can remember us if you have any kind of European, American, or Japanese cars for sale.

Car is the most popular kind of vehicle people own in Sydney these days. Thatís why we mentioned the cars first. But our service is not just limited to cars. We also buy trucks, Vans, Jeeps, SUVs, Crossovers (CUVs), and pay a good deal of money for it.

We always strive to make things easier and convenient for you. Even if you have cars to sell, you donít have to put on much effort. You can give us a call on 0488852626, send us a quick email on, or just send show your interest by filling up the quote form on our website. Either way, we will revert to you right away. Upon your request, we will visit the vehicle on-site and buy it off in just a matter of minutes. Yes, itís that simple and that hassle-free.