car repair

5 Tips to Save Money on Car Repairs in the Middle of COVID-19

As the country enacts lockdown orders throughout most of the states and more companies urge people to work from home, you and your family may find that your vehicles are used significantly less frequently than usual. Leaving cars parked for long periods of time can have unanticipated implications, affecting both the vehicle’s reliability and, perhaps, […]

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sell your car for scrap

How To Sell Your Car For Scrap Sydney?

Are you stuck with an end-of-life vehicle and are wondering how you can sell your car for scrap? You might have tried asking your friends, local car mechanics and researching online -” how can I sell my car for scrap?” They might have all suggested something leaving you more perplexed with an inability to be […]

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car for cash

Where To Sell My Car For Cash?

After driving you around for 10-15 years and crossing the 200,000/300,000 miles limit, every vehicle is bound to break down. At this stage, the vehicle, even of the most reliable company, starts demanding frequent repairs and maintenance. This is when you must part ways and start thinking about a new car. But first, you must […]

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sell your car

4 Things other than price that matter when selling your car

Price. Price Price. Like most sellers out there, that’s all you consider when selling your car. “Who will pay me the best?” “How much price should I expect for my old car?” “Where should I sell it?” “Where should you sell your car?” These are all the questions we ask when it comes to getting […]

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auto parts online

How to Sell Auto Parts Online Successfully?

In 2021, the Online Automotive Parts and Accessories Sales industry is estimated to generate $519.6 million in revenue. You can sell car parts online without any technical expertise or a large financial commitment, whether you already have a physical store or are starting from scratch. Due to this positive outlook for the automotive industry, especially […]

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cash for cars Newcastle area

How to get cash for cars Newcastle area?

Looking to get cash for cars Newcastle area but don’t know where to go? Then you are not alone. Getting rid of used and old cars for cash is indeed a pain in the neck.  Finding a buyer for old cars is easier said than done. And getting a deserving amount for the vehicle is […]

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australian muscle cars for sale

Have Muscle Cars for Sale? Here’s how you can get top dollar cash for it

A1 spare parts are helping the people who have old muscle cars for sale. While buying cars, we usually prefer spacious vehicles with high-performance engines, sleek design, and ones that do not compromise on the interior features and comfort. In the automotive world, these kinds of vehicles are known as muscle cars. As these cars […]

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Car Removal for Cash newcastle money for cars

Car Removal For Cash Newcastle

There is no shortage of car removal for cash services in Newcastle. In every town and suburb, you can find a handful of them. With catchy taglines and promises to pay top dollar cash, they are getting quite a lot of attention. To stand out from the rest, some of them include exciting features. And […]

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Where and how to get the most cash for cars in Newcastle

Where and how to get the most cash for cars in Newcastle?

If you are looking to sell your used cars in Newcastle, the question “how to get the most cash for cars in Newcastle?” can nudge your head more than once. The sad fact is used car dealers in the Newcastle area are increasing in number and size however, getting a worth price for the unwanted […]

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