Broken cars

If you need to sell broken cars immediately, you have come to the right place. The company A1 Spare Parts offers its customers favorable prices and terms of cooperation that are almost equal to the real market (100%).

Our broken cars for cash services include:

  • Preliminary car appraisal based on the information provided;
  • Free visit to a specialist;
  • Preparation of a sales contract;
  • Withdrawal vehicle from accounting;
  •  Clearance of defective vehicles;

Payment of money (bank transfer or cash) in a form convenient for the customer.  After working in this segment for years, we have been able to capture the leading position in the car market.

We buy a broken car under no conditions and can ensure that our professionals will provide your car a real value, without purposeful reduction in value.

What are the documents required for the purchase of broken cars?

To sell a broken used car, the customer needs very little:

  • a certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • vehicle passport;
  • Personal passport

If the car is not acquired, you must have a Power of Attorney.  The appraiser is given all duplicate keys, relevant documents for after-sales service (if any), and a maintenance ticket.

The process to sell ?broken cars in Sydney

Buying a broken car takes place in several stages:

  • the customer should leave a request for valuation, indicating the characteristics of the vehicle;
  • After checking the application, an employee of the Company calls the number specified by the Client to analyze the details of the meeting and quote the initial cost of the vehicle;
  • an expert appraiser arrives at a pre-agreed time;
  • After the car is inspected, the final cost is called.

With the consent of both parties, the specialist is given all the documents of the car, and the contract of sale is signed.

During the analysis, enlisted material, equipment, mileage, paintwork, year of purchase, transmission, image, machine, and core. In some cases, the tester may use special equipment to test certain systems.

The entire process takes up to 30 minutes, after which the customer is informed about the reasonable cost of the vehicle.

The company A1 Spare Parts is also engaged in the purchase of trucks and passenger cars, domestic and foreign brands, in varying conditions and any year of release. First, we focus on turnover, so our commission is very low.

How to sell broken cars for cash?

If you are looking for the most convenient way to sell a broken car at a high price and quickly, then

  • Connect with our staff in any convenient way:
  • call the contact number;
  • send an application by email;
  • Filling online application

A detailed diagram can be found on the website. Cooperation with our company leaves only pleasant impressions.

1. Write to us today

Within 24 hours you will be able to get rid of the old car permanently, getting a decent amount for it.

2. Estimate by Photo

We carefully study the photos that you sent with the application for evaluation. We do not aim to buy a car at a low price, we try to specify a mutually profitable amount.

3. On-site Inspection

After you have agreed on a convenient time to leave, we meet at the parking lot. After completing the formalities (checking the documents and cleaning the car), we make the payment.

4. Payment

After signing the contract of sale of the vehicle, you receive the agreed amount. Your car is sent to a repair shop for repair.

We are ready to buy broken cars at the best possible price

We have been operating for more than ten years and have established ourselves in Sydney as a company that is easy and profitable to deal with.

The specialists of our company will objectively evaluate the broken car with photos showing its condition in advance. The price offered by us will depend on the model of the car, its year of manufacture, and other parameters as well.

It is important that by contacting us, you will know immediately what amount you can get for the car. And although the final price is determined after an inspection of the car.

If the photos you provide accurately depict its condition, you can be sure that it will not go down. We act honestly and don’t deal like dealers when initially a price is said, but in reality, it turns out to be very low.

Why do we pay so much for broken cars? Our customers are often surprised that we pay so much for emergency vehicles. The explanation for this is simple: we buy a car after an accident, and not for subsequent resale as many people do.

After purchase, the car is shipped to our workshops. Thus, we have decreased the cost of repairing cars as much as possible to offer a decent value for the car. We also offer a tow truck for broken cars– and this service is free of cost!

We will also help you to remove the car from the register. We will decontaminate your car ourselves, draw up a contract and do the transaction ourselves. All this is free.

All the operations from booking an appointment for a quote to payment have been commenced over the years and brought into an optimum plan for many years of work.

The focus is on speed and convenience for the seller. We don’t trade, we don’t quibble, and we don’t bargain on the spot by a price based on photos. We do not negotiate the price because of minor defects.

Free assistance in the sale of damaged worn-out, and broken cars.