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After driving you around for 10-15 years and crossing the 200,000/300,000 miles limit, every vehicle is bound to break down.

At this stage, the vehicle, even of the most reliable company, starts demanding frequent repairs and maintenance.  This is when you must part ways and start thinking about a new car.

But first, you must think about getting rid of your old car for cashToday we live in a society where the type of vehicle you drive is directly correlated with your lifestyle and it affects how people perceive you.

This is why, as soon as your vehicle becomes rusty, squeaky, and starts looking decrepit, you must get rid of it. But as easy as it might sound, the process of old car removal is not that easy.

But the cash-for-cars industry is full of dodgy scrap sharks that use sickening market tactics to make sure that you end up with as minimal cash as possible.

This is when a reliable car wrecking company like A1 Spare Parts comes into play. A1 Spare Parts is an NSW-based car wrecking company that has been rendering automotive services like selling cars online, buying used cars, etc. 

If you are looking forward to selling your old car for cash then we could be the shoulder to lean on. Not only do we provide the best offers but also make the process of selling an old car as hassle-free as possible.

You can get an obligation-free offer for your car through our website. As simple as that.   

A1 Spare Parts: Possibly the Best Way to Sell Car For Cash

New or old, shiny or rusty, cars, vans, trucks, jeeps, utes, SUVs, or sedans, A1 Spare Parts accepts all kinds of cars for cash. We don’t get finicky over the vehicle’s model, age, brand, and condition.

Since we primarily focus on unrepairable cars, we will intake all kinds of vehicles including those that cannot be made roadworthy again. If the vehicles cannot be repaired, we treat them in our recycling facilities.

Trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, and crossovers are all accepted by our company. To make things even better, we provide top car for cash services. You get paid up to $9999 right on the spot.

Even if your vehicle is accidental or totaled, our facility will buy it with the utmost pleasure. For people living in NSW, our car for cash services can turn out to be beneficial.

Not only you can sell your old car for cash online but you can also buy old cars at the best rates. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and call us now or fill out the online form and get an instant offer.         

Sell Car for Cash, Free Car Valuation, and Free Car Removal Services – All in one place

It might seem practically impossible to know the current selling price of an old vehicle. Since you purchased it many years ago and have driven thousands of miles, unless you have the support of a specialist, estimating can be difficult.

But specialists in the car for cash industry may become demanding and can ask for additional fees. To overcome this problem, A1 Spare Parts provides an easy-to-use tool that lets you assess the value of your used car.

You will see a form on our website’s homepage where you have to enter the details we need like your email and other vehicle details. Our expert team will review the data given and come up with a price for your scrap car.

You will have the average price for your car within an hour, which is also our initial bid. But you are not obliged to accept this offer in any manner. We are known for paying a substantial amount of money for scrap cars.

However, our assistance is not restricted to that. We also remove them for free from your property. As a result, you may save even more money by using our free scrap car removal service.

And that kind of bargain is becoming increasingly rare these days.

Irresistible Car for Cash offers for your unwanted vehicles

If you have an old car lying around in your garage, you might consider it nothing but a liability. The fact that the car doesn’t drive you around reliably and demands costly repairs legitimizes your consideration.

But what if someone comes up to you and says that they will buy your old car for cash in thousands? This sounds too good to be true right? With A1 Spare Parts, you get paid up to $9999 right on the spot.

Your old car, which you formerly considered a financial burden, can now help you fill your pocket and make your next automobile purchase easy. Even if your car is damaged, accidental, or wrecked, we will pay you reasonably.

In all of NSW, you won’t get a buyer that could beat our Car for Cash offer. 

Eco-friendly Car Disposal

After we buy your car, we inspect it thoroughly to see if it can be repaired or not. If the vehicle is repairable and can be made roadworthy again then necessary touchups are added and repairs are made.

Finally, it is sold for a better price. If repairing doesn’t seem possible then either the parts are sold separately or the whole car is passed on to a recycling facility. We guarantee that not even a single bit of your car ends up in a landfill.                    

Common Ways To Sell Your Old Car For Cash – A1 Spare Parts

Today with the help of the internet, there are numerous ways to sell car for cash online. Some of the most popular and noteworthy methods are:

  • Facebook or Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using it for selling purposes.

Facebook has an online marketplace that allows users, 18 years old and up, to post pictures of sale items that will be presented to buyers nearby.

Similarly, if you have multiple used cars and are willing to get rid of them simultaneously then create a page and boost your posts.

You can even target your audience on Facebook, which means you can show your advertising to the buyers you want. You can contact a buyer, meet with them in person, and complete the transaction of your choice.

You can also utilize Instagram and other social media platforms for this. 

  • eBay

eBay is the biggest customer-to-customer (C2C) eCommerce platform in the world. The best thing about eBay is that buyers can place bids for your product.

Hence, there is a chance that your vehicle gets sold for a price way beyond your expectations. eBay is a platform for genuine buyers and sellers.

  • Local Car Dealer’s Website

The thing with posting ads in a big online marketplace like eBay is that they can be time-consuming. But with a local site, you can get genuine buyers from your locality.

This makes buying and selling easy and quick. Local sites might not help your ads reach a bigger audience but guarantee that your car is sold out quickly.

  • Sell it to Cash For Cars service

Cash For Cars is genuinely the best option to consider while selling your cars. Most of them primarily focus on intaking used cars and dismantling them for spare parts and scrap metals.

There is no tedious paperwork involved and most of them offer huge amounts too. Using these services, you can get rid of your old car from the comfort of your home.

  • Sell the Car for Cash to a dealership

Auto dealerships pay you for your old car, repair them and sell them for a profit. Since they are profit-oriented, chances are, you might not always get the best value from them.

However, they will buy almost any kind of vehicle from you that can be made roadworthy again. Auto dealerships are everywhere and you can easily find one or many in your neighborhood.

  • Sell the Car for Cash to a second-hand buyer yourself

There are a few people who are into second-hand cars for various reasons. Finding them can be a cumbersome task but they can pay you well for your old car.

You can find these buyers through ads on social media sites, newspapers, and other e-commerce platforms.

However, while selling your vehicle to such buyers, make sure that the vehicle is in working condition and looks good from the outside and the inside.